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Peace - Exploration - Healing

Zen is a Japanese word meaning "Meditation." We use this term in the U.S. to point to a state of internal peace and clarity.

In therapy, we explore the mind, heart, and body. We venture into unknown territory, seeking healing, growth, and a deeper experience of contentment, happiness, and peace.

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Beginner's Mind Zazenkai

Saturday November 13, 8am - 5pm

This one-day meditation retreat is perfect for those new to Zen Buddhism, for those who want a lighter schedule than the longer meditation retreats, and for those wanting to get some time for meditation while brushing up on the basics of Zen Buddhist Philosophy, practice, and ritual.

In-person (vaccinated) and online participation options

Vegan Lunch provided

$30-50 suggested donation

Led by Sensei Kent Yugen Brown & Mike Mui Lewis

Contact us for more information, or register